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Aim True
Video Pool Studio
Winnipeg, MB
paintings and drawings

Aim True
Brenna George

A solo exhibition of drawings and paintings. Over 100 one-a-day oil paintings record the plants in my yard as romantic portraits in the spring and mystery portraits in the fall. This is paired with a series of pencil drawing self portraits.

Opening: November 4 Friday 2016 6 -9:30 pm

Show on:
Friday November 4, 12 noon – 9:30 pm
Saturday November 5, 10 am – 5 pm

Video Pool Media Arts Centre
Artspace building, 3rd floor, 100 Arthur St., Winnipeg


This spring I painted Romantic Botanicals from April to July for 72 days. I focused on the of purpose of flowers for reproduction for the plants. The insects that carry the pollen were recorded if they entered the frame of information I was concentrating on. I made each piece like a romance novel cover. I referenced the romance novel cover genre by copying their use of monotone colour choices and figurative interactions. Each painting tells a romantic story. The titles give clues as to the stories going on in my head while I was painting.

In the fall and I painted Mystery Botanicals, for 33 days in September and October. Plants go to seed, bear fruit, go to sleep or die. Plants continue on after winter by a sleeping root or a seed left behind. I am thinking about the dark side of things of death, endings and the mystery of why I am here and also the complexity of leaving behind offspring. If the spring was Romantic novels then the fall is Mystery novels.

This body of work is a continuation of my Botanical series, that I did last spring, of plein-air daily painting of the plants in my yard. Last year I focused on recording the space I am responsible for.

I paint in my yard so I am home for my children. I paint small so I can afford to oil paint. I sit with the plants and insects on my property for hours and record them. It is like very slow video where a-frame-a-day documents this yard over the seasons. Because of climate change I am aware of and acknowledging the good that every little plant does to help our existence by providing oxygen and stabilizing the planet. If we romanticize the clover flowers and give them a romantic backstory maybe we won't mow them down.

I chose to keep the actual scale so I measured the plants as I painted. This is in keeping with botanical illustrations not landscape painting where vast space is condensed into a small space. Seen as a group the size differences build a yard.

Because each painting is a-one-off, no do-over they have a raw feeling. My emotional state and the weather influenced each piece.

I am in a long term relationship and we have children and this is why we bought the house and now have a yard.

Find the daily blog posts for each painting at:

oil on canvas, 9" x 12", 2016


Brenna George







This is a series of anthropomorphic self-portrait pencil drawings of the bad side of myself.

I have always thought of myself as a good person but what if I am not. What if my self perception is wrong. I eat gluttonously, think adulterous thoughts, read and neglect my children, pass on bad genetic traits and cowardly hide from things. We all have a dark side, welcome to mine.

Pencil on paper, 9 x 12 October 2016

Brenna George