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Like Mother, Like Child
MAWA, Winnipeg, May 2017

I was in the group show of Artist Mothers at MAWA, Like Mother Like Child. I did collaborative works with each of my children. Marshall and I did a drawing "Crazy War". Oona and I did a drawing "Fish Bowl". Ozma and I did a photo, it is one of a series of environmental performance and it was used as the invite image. The show is sweet and moving with all the Mother children connections/collaborations.

like mother like child


Mothering Children in Performance
Piano Nobile Gallery , Centennial Concert Hall
August 31- November 9, 2014


Mothering Children in Performance Invite Fall 2014



Mothering on the Fringe
Fringe Pop up Gallery Winnipeg, July 2014




Winter Mothering
MAWA, Winnipeg, May 2014

Winter Mothering show






MAWA Winnipeg, May 2013

Dailyness show

Dailyness Show

Dailyness Show



The Stuff of Mothering
Arts Junction, Winnipeg, June 7 - 28, 2013

The stuff of Mothering

Nurture and Neglect
MAWA, Wam Wall 2012