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2016 Aim True, Video Pool Media Arts Center, Winnipeg, MB, oil painting and pencil drawing
2015 Experientials, Video Pool Media Arts Center, Winnipeg, MB, painting and video installation
2014 Handling Chaos, Wasagaming Community Arts Centre,Wasagaming MB, painting
1993 My House, White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON- painting and sculpture
1990 Snapshots & Notes, Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC - painting
1989 Ribbons, The Perel Gallery, Vancouver, BC - painting
         A Garden Of..., The Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, BC -sculture and painting
1988 Queen of Puddings, Artspeak, Vancouver, BC - photocollage and texts

2016 Order and Disorder, Artist Mothers Group at MAWA, MAWA,Winnipeg MB, painting
2015 What’s for Supper?, Artist Mothers Group at MAWA, MAWA,Winnipeg MB, painting
         Frayed Edges, Artist Mothers Group at MAWA,Pop up Gallery, Fringe Festival, Wpg, MB
2014 Winter Mothering, Artist Mothers Group at MAWA, MAWA,Winnipeg MB, painting
         Mothering on the Fringe, Artist Mothers Group at MAWA,Pop up Gallery, Fringe Festival, Wpg, MB
         Mothering Children in Performance, Artist Mothers Group at MAWA,Piano Nobile Gallery ,Wpg, MB
2013 Daily-ness, Artist Mothers Group at MAWA, MAWA,Winnipeg MB, painting and drawing
         The Stuff of Mothering, .Artist Mothers Group at MAWA,. Arts Junktion, Winnipeg MB
2011 Nurture and Neglect, Artist Mothers Group at MAWA, MAWA,Winnipeg MB, painting
1999 Working Space, Ace Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MB - photocollage


2013 Figure in Art, WAG studio
2011/12 Readings and Creative Writing for Artist Mothers Workshop MAWA,with Amy Karlinsky and Ariel Gordon
2009, 2010, 2012 Arts West Retreat, Riding Mt., MB. - Painting with Steve Gouthro and David Garneau
2007 Mid-Career Mentorship program MAWA, with Lorna Brown curator and artist
2000 Getting The Rights, Video Pool Workshop.
Protools, Video Pool Workshop
1997/99 Cultural Industries Group & Membership Organization new media training project, Wpg., MB
1983/85 Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC


2015 Individual Artist Grant, Winnipeg Arts Council
2013 Individual Artist Grant, Winnipeg Arts Council
2012 Deep Bay Artist Residency, Clear Lake, MB
         A Grant, Manitoba Arts Council
2011 Canada Council A Grant
2010 Individual Artist Grant, Winnipeg Arts Council
         Wendy Geller Fund, Video Pool, Winnipeg
2009 A Grant, Manitoba Arts Council
2007 Video Project Grant, Manitoba Arts Council
2005 Video Script Development Grant, Manitoba Arts Council
2003 Wendy Geller Fund, Video Pool, Winnipeg
2001 Video Production Grant, Canada Council
1998 Video Project Grant, Manitoba Arts Council
         Video Script Development Grant, Manitoba Arts Council
         New Media Grant, Canada Council
1997/98 Artist in Residence Video Pool, Winnipeg
         Explorations Grant, Manitoba Arts Council, as member of Cause and Effect collective
1995-96 Media Production Fund, Video Pool, Winnipeg
1995 Media Arts Grant, Saskatchewan Arts Board
1991 Project Grant, Canada Council


2010/16 Co-Facilitator of Artist Mothers Group at MAWA, Winnipeg
1995-2006 Active Producer Member of Video Pool,Winnipeg, MB
1997/99 Board Member of Ace Art, Winnipeg, MB
1996/97 Mentor: First Video Fund, Video Pool, Winnipeg, MB
1993/95 Active Member of Video Vérité, Saskatoon, SK
1990 Board Member of Or Gallery, Vancouver, BC


National Gallery of Canada (Wallpaper ©1995)
Surrey Art Gallery, BC (They Met In a Garden ©1990)


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Melanie Dennis Unrau. Play, Battling: Representing Resistant Mothers with "Mothers Who Refuse to Choose", Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement. Vol. 3 No. 2. Fall/Winter, 2012, pp. 17-32
Songs of Innocence: Brenna George, by Amy Karlinsky, Poolside, Video Pool Inc., 2005


Co-lecturer with Melanie Dennis Unrau and Brenna George. The Mother in Women's Art. First Friday Lecture, Mentoring Artists for Women's Art. Friday, May 2nd, 2014.


2000 Moscam, Poolside, Video Pool
1997 Max & Ruby's Fortune, Ace Art Bookworks


Solo Productions

Spring, 2 min HD ©2013
"Criss Cross" Adhere and Deny, Wpg, MB 2013

tight rope walker, 1 min 40 sec.,HD ©2011
a Adhere and Deny commisioned video
"The circus of Objects" Pop Soda's, Wpg, MB 2012
My Winnipeg | Plug In ICA Wpg, MB 2012

Winnipeg to Saskatoon, 2 min 20 sec.,HD ©2009
CAMPER: Bike-in Cinema, TRUCK,Calgary, Ab 2013
NAC Praire Scene Festival, Ottawa,Ont. 2011
Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria, BC. 2010
WNDX festival, Winnipeg, MB 2009

dustpan, 2 min. 36 sec, HD ©2009
The Victoria Film Festival, B.C., 2010

Allsorts, 4 min 30 sec.,HD ©2009
Cinematheque, Wpg. MB 2009

Well, 1 min., HD ©2008
Silverscope, Cinematheque’s
25th Anniversary, Wpg. MB, 2008

Winter, 2 min. mini DV © 2005
WNDX festival, Winnipeg, MB 2006
Dawson City Int’l Film Festival, Dawson City, YK 2006
Modernism and Manitoba Media Artists,
Wpg Art Gallery, MB 2006
Photophobia 8, Hamilton ON 2006

Open, 2 min., mini DV ©2002
K5, Mito, Japan, 2005
Video Pool / Park Theatre, Winnipeg, 2005
Art Autonomy Network, Yokahama, Japan, 2005
Gallery Soap, Kita Kyushu, Japan, 2005
Remo, Osaka, Japan, 2005
Centre for Art Tapes / NSCAD, Halifax, NS, 2005
Metro Cinema, Edmonton, Alberta, 2005
Paved / AKA, Saskatoon, Saskatchwan, 2005
Catacomb Miceocinema Wpg. MB.2003
Crowds Project Video Pool, Winnipeg 2003
Cinematheque, Wpg. MB 2003

Allsorts, 1 min., mini DV ©2001
Candies and Apples 11/12/2003
Deep Junior, Act a little Crazy, 2min, 30 sec. ©2003
Sugar and Splice, WFG Cinematheque, MB 2006

Trippin’ with the Georges, 40 min. Beta ©2001
Herland: Calgary, AB

Man Made Structures, 2 min. 26 sec. 3/4 in. ©1997

Set Forth Hopeful
, 7 min. 3/4 in. ©1997

, 6 min. Beta ©1995
Herland, Calgary, AB 1997
Between Time & Spaces, Centre D'Art, Basse Normandie1996

Sleep, 3 min. Beta ©1995
Walking and Being media exhibition,
Video Pool, Ace Art, Wpg. 2006
Everson Art Gallery, Syracuse, NY 2005
Groupe Intervention Video, Montreal, 2005
Paved Arts, Saskatoon, 2005
Shameless Shorts, WTN, Wpg 1996

L. Bird, 7 min. Beta ©1994
Winnipeg Folk Festival, Winnipeg, 2005
SNAC, MB, 2003
Entry Points: Video In Informative Culture,
Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK 1994

Red Riding Hood, 6 min. Beta ©1994
Video Vérité, Saskatoon, SK 1994

Collaborative Productions

Soft Water,
with Rick Fisher 2 min. 13 sec. Beta©1999

with John Coutanch & Susan Turner,
instalation loop 3/4 in. ©1997
In Collaboration With, Site Gallery, Winnipeg, MB

with John Coutanche, 1 min. 48 sec.3/4in.©1997

Send Me,
with John Coutanche, Jen Loewen & Don Rice,
3 min 35 sec. 3/4 in. ©1997

with Athena George, 5 min. 3/4 in. ©1996
So Sue Me, Ace Art, Winnipeg, MB 1997

The Front Step,
with Rick Fisher, 3 min. Beta ©1995

They Met In a Garden,
with Laura Lamb, 10 min. 48 sec. 3/4 in. ©1990
Arcadia/Paradise/Utopia, Surrey Art Gallery, BC 1993
Senseorsex, AKA Gallery, Saskatoon, SK 1991
Heroic Romance, UBC Fine Arts Gallery, Van., BC 1991
5th Australian International Video Festival,
New SouthWales 1990