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Romantic Botanicals

This spring I painted Romantic Botanicals from April to July for 72 days. I focused on the of purpose of flowers for reproduction for the plants. The insects that carry the pollen were recorded if they entered the frame of information I was concentrating on. I made each piece like a romance novel cover. I referenced the romance novel cover genre by copying their use of monotone colour choices and figurative interactions. Each painting tells a romantic story. The titles give clues as to the stories going on in my head while I was painting.

This body of work is a continuation of my Botanical series, that I did last spring, of plein-air daily painting of the plants in my yard. Last year I focused on recording the space I am responsible for.

I paint in my yard so I am home for my children. I paint small so I can afford to oil paint. I sit with the plants and insects on my property for hours and record them. It is like very slow video where a-frame-a-day documents this yard over the seasons. Because of climate change I am aware of and acknowledging the good that every little plant does to help our existence by providing oxygen and stabilizing the planet. If we romanticize the clover flowers and give them a romantic backstory maybe we won't mow them down.

I chose to keep the actual scale so I measured the plants as I painted. This is in keeping with botanical illustrations not landscape painting where vast space is condensed into a small space. Seen as a group the size differences build a yard.

Because each painting is a-one-off, no do-over they have a raw feeling. My emotional state and the weather influenced each piece.

I am in a long term relationship and we have children and this is why we bought the house and now have a yard.

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Midnight Bells   RB1 April 30, 2016 Evening Bells   RB2 May 1,  2016 Windy Bell   RB3 May 2, 2016 Yellow is Closed   RB4 May 3, 2016 Yellow Cups   RB5 May 4, 2016 Psychedelic 34 degrees   RB6 May 5, 2016 Lord Naughty of the Bees   RB7 May 6, 2016 Velvet BeeThang   RB8 May 7, 2016 Astronaughty at Blossom Station   RB9 May 8, 2016 The Bouncy Baronetess   RB10 May 9, 2016 Stormy Ms. Violet   RB11 May 10, 2016 Shadowy Ms. Purple   RB12 May 11, 2016 Punkella   RB13 May 12, 2016 Icy Lord Plum   RB14 May 13, 2016 BG_RB15_BirthdayPartyFreeFall   RB15 May 14, 2016 The Rogue Wore Red   RB16 May 15, 2016 Dangling Enticements   RB17 May 16, 2016 The Brash Vicar's Daughter   RB18 May 17, 2016 Mr.Fantastic and the Strawberry Season   RB19 May 18, 2016 Mr. Fantastic and the Strawberry Ball   RB20 May 19, 2016 Mr. Fantastic's Perfect Aim   RB21 May 20, 2016 Birthday Wishes   RB22 May 21, 2016 All Eligible Women to Launch Pad 23   RB23 May 22, 2016 The Lilac Twins at Castle Moor   RB24 May 23, 2016 Blue Eyed Wild Thing   RB25 May 24, 2016 The Shy Spinster   RB26 May 25, 2016 The Pale Companion   RB27 May 26, 2016 Finished With Finishing School   RB28 May 27, 2016 I am Not Your Fallback Guy   RB29 May 28, 2016 Ask Me   RB30 May 29, 2016 PickpocketAlley   RB31 May 30, 2016 Lacy Underthings   RB32 May 31, 2016 Blustery Stays   RB33 June 1, 2016
Lilly Yellow   RB34 June 2, 2016 The Spying Tomboy   RB35 June 3, 2016 How to Choose   RB36 June 4, 2016 Aim True   RB37 June 5, 2016 Magic School of Charms   RB38 June 6, 2016 Miss Beatrice and the Dancing Lessons   RB39 June 7, 2016 Miss Beatrice and the Tumultuous Neighbour   RB40 June 8, 2016 Miss Beatrice and the Spring Carnival   RB41 June 9, 2016 Miss Beatrice The Modern Man   RB42 June 10, 2016 Miss Beatrice and The Modern Man go Forward   RB43 June 11, 2016 The Man who Loved Me   RB44 June 12, 2016 Miss Beatrice goes to School   RB45 June 13, 2016 Lord Clover gets Rumpled   RB46 June 14, 2016 Lord Clover's Conversation   RB47 June 15, 2016 Lord Clover is Ensnared   RB48 June 16, 2016 Redemption in Pickpocket Alley   RB49 June 17, 2016 Pirate Susan   RB50 June 18, 2016 Miss Camomile Compares   RB51 June 19, 2016 Pirate Susan Meets her Match   RB52 June 20, 2016 Bright Miss Camomile and the Agreement   RB53 June 21, 2016 Riotous and Reserved   RB54 June 22, 2016 The Pursuit of Dr. Shepherd   RB55 June 23, 2016 Peony Sets Out   RB56 June 24, 2016 Peony and the Last Frontier   RB57 June 25, 2016 Peony in Turbulence   RB58 June 26, 2016 Lord Clover   RB59 June 27, 2016 Peony Graduates   RB60 June 28, 2016 Pirate Susan's Revenge   RB61 June 29, 2016 Count Romaine goes West   RB62 June 30, 2016 Homestead Garden Club   RB63 July 1, 2016 Lily goes to Town   RB64 July 2, 2016 Fireworks for Lily   RB65 July 3, 2016 Lily and the Houseguests   RB66 July 4, 2016 Let us be Soft   RB67 July 5, 2016 The Three Suitors   RB68 July 6, 2016 Ms. Bergamot and the House Party   RB69 July 7, 2016 Picnic Season in Fleabane   RB70 July 8, 2016 The True Original   RB71 July 9, 2016 BG_RB72_More   RB72 July 10, 2016 jquery lightbox onload by v6.0m