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  • Bunny Western Series Bunny Western Series I live in a domestic bubble of home and family. We have our turmoil and there is also a bigger world out there with its turmoil. The outer world can impact our intimate world as both paradigms are connected. I am borrowing horse and rider imagery from Charlie Russell's western paintings, combining his paintings with mine. I am envious that he was a recognized artist and I am not. I admire his work, especially the way he captures action and a sense of adventure.I am juxtaposition his art to mine. I have been reproducing his manly imagery imposing on my feminine soft plush bunny imagery. I build still lifes of Calico Critter bunnies interacting as an active young family would. The little ones are crawling all over their parents. In the background I put western riders recklessly careening towards them.
  • "Bunny Western 1" 16” x 20” acrylic on canvas Brenna George 2012
  • "Bunny Western 3" 14” x 14” acrylic on canvas Brenna George 2013