brenna george





  • "All day on the computers in the dark" 2014 oil on canvas 16" x 24" Interior is warm coloured with all the fragmentation of toys and stuff, and the pull of the monitors. I painted an image from an actual day where my children were on the computers all day long and did not go outside, at all. As a Mom I am responsible, tested and stretched for the screen and content time of my children. When the three kids are plugged into their devices the house is calm but not healthy. With paint I worked with a drawing style and then fully blended and layered other bits to emphasize the fragmentation with of lots kids, toys, cloths, and stuff all squished into a small living space.
  • "Oona hurt on sled hill, then pulled to the house" 2014 oil on canvas 16" x 24"
  • "Marshall can’t make it home – icy water boots" 2014 oil on canvas 16" x 24" Exterior is of endless cold snow. My son is tired after school and tosses off his boots on the walk home. Often I have to leave him behind lying on the sidewalk. As a Mom I don't want to do it but I can't drag him home so I just walk ahead and keep a watch on him from afar. With paint I made subtle colour shifts to build the expanse of snow, softly blending purple, blue and yellow. I patterned in bits of darkness of the sidewalk footprints, street and trees.
  • "Ozma Piano Exam" 2014 acrylic on canvas 16" x 20"