brenna george





environmental performance art


I researched environmental performance art where artists dress in leaves or natural objects and interact with nature. They integrate themselves while also addressing location. So I decided to stage photos having people interlock with the landscape.

This work is a branch of my Experiencial project.



rock dress painting

Rock Dress, 14" X 18" oil on canvas, 2015

In Rock Dress, the rock and the dress are the same grey colour and of similar shape. This piece talks of time, rock and person are similar looking yet the time span of life is so different. Soft pink flesh legs and feet peak out and blur out suggesting the finite human lifespan compared to the rock.



log and  body painting

Log, 14" X 18" oil on canvas, 2015

With Log the body forms interlocking shapes with the log and land. I was interested in the feet floating out into the exciting nothingness of space. In the other painting I was interested in the feet grounding, supporting the structure, while the leg and tree-line connect.



log and body painting 2

Log,14" X 18" oil on canvas, 2015


arm and bush

Bush, 14" X 18" oil on canvas, 2015


exhibition photo

Exhibition at Video Pool December 2015