brenna george






In my Interiors series I ask people to talk about their current life, make toy setups, and pose for me. I am interested in people’s interior thoughts.



Homework, Oona and Leah, 14" X 18" oil on canvas, 2016

In Homework, Oona and Leah, this is their experience of doing homework together. When two BFF eleven year olds do homework together it is not an orderly study time, nor is it focused on the work. It consists of having tons of fun hanging out together chatting, shrieking with laughter, making musical.lys, playing with Playmobil, and dreaming of owning cats. What you choose to classify as Order and Disorder depends on what your goals are.



Moving, Katy, 14" X 18" oil on canvas, 2016

With Moving, Katy, she is in the process of selling her house and moving her family to another city. I think of moving as the big Disorder where one needs to sort, pack, and unpack all of one's possessions. I painted stacks of moving boxes piling up on top of her. She is overwhelmed by the work of it and is laying on the refuge of the couch. I like the witchy striped socks as a hopeful element that signify that she does have the magic to pull it all together.