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Painting plein-air
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I love to paint outside with no do-overs. It has a freshness that studio work does not capture. You are there in the moment. What you are feeling, what you see and what happens while you are in that location is imbedded in the work. It is like a really long exposure photograph that is done badly and because of going through the filter of the human recording device, it has a wonky encapsulation of more than the eye can see. If it works out, and not all plein-airs work, it has an simplified emotional content, a rawness and a sense of shared adventure.



Beresford Lake, Manitoba, Rick's Birthday
9" x 12" August 18, 1999
Brenna George
Summer Expeditions

Summer Expeditions is a set of watercolour paintings from the outing I had in 1999-2000. This is an old set of web pages.