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Videography Solo Productions

Fluid technical experiments combine with a sensibility that is humorous, visually lush and playful.



My video work is distributed through
Video Pool an Artist Run Center in Winnipeg.

Many of my videos can be watched on-line at




2 min. 36 sec., HDV
Time is measured in increments of what falls on the
kitchen floor.

Victoria Film Festival, Victoria BC 2010




Winnipeg to Saskatoon
2 min. 20 sec., HDV ©2009
A road trip video. The Canadian prairie landscape is sketched in simple forms in this on-the-move approach to landscape art.

NAC Praire Scene Festival Ottawa, Ont. 2011
Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria,B.C, 2010
WNDX Festival, Winnipeg, MB 2009

2 min. mini DV © 2005
Colour field painting and the winter prairies are interlocked to make an emotional narrative of barrenness. Prairie fields during a winter storm are built into colour blocks. This is a flat minimal experience in a feminine colour pallet. 

WNDX festival, Winnipeg, MB 2006
Dawson City Int’l Film Festival, Dawson City, YK 2006
Modernism and Manitoba Media Artists,Winnipeg Art Gallery, MB 2006
Photophobia 8, Hamilton ON 2006

2 min., mini DV ©2002
This meditative journey encourages you to be in the moment and to open yourself to the world around you. Pencil sketches draw you through a drive on the Prairies.

K5, Mito, Japan, 2005
Video Pool / Park Theatre, Winnipeg, 2005
Art Autonomy Network, Yokahama, Japan, 2005
Gallery Soap, Kita Kyushu, Japan, 2005
Remo, Osaka, Japan, 2005
Centre for Art Tapes / NSCAD, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2005
Metro Cinema, Edmonton, Alberta, 2005
Paved / AKA, Saskatoon, Saskatchwan, 2005
Catacomb Miceocinema Wpg. MB.2003
Crowds Project Video Pool, Winnipeg 2003
Cinematheque, Wpg. MB 2003




Deep Junior, Act a little Crazy
2 min., 30 sec. ©2003
In this age of computers the only edge we have is to act a little crazy. Through the simple act of making a human mark, the artist explores the paradox between being and non-being.

Sugar and Splice, Winnipeg Film Group Cinematheque, MB 2006



1 min., mini DV ©2001

Candies and Apples 11/12/2003

Trippin’ with the Georges
40 min. Beta ©2001
1968, in a big caravan, my family and the Paisley rock band immigrated to Canada from the States. Animations and psychedelic music build this journey of freedom and responsibility

Herland: Calgary, AB



Set Forth Hopeful
7 min. 3/4 in. ©1997
A fairy talks an impoverished artist's troubles down to size. They make pancakes together

6 min. Beta ©1995
An exploration of rotting wallpaper in abandoned farm houses.

Herland, Calgary, AB 1997
Between Time & Spaces, Centre D'Art, Basse Normandie1996

3 min. Beta ©1995
Sleep is a dream like piece that combines lethargic poses and written phrases with small drawings.

Walking and Being media exhibition,
Video Pool, Ace Art, Wpg. 2006
Everson Art Gallery, Syracuse, NY 2005
Groupe Intervention Video, Montreal, 2005
Paved Arts, Saskatoon, 2005
Shameless Shorts, WTN, Wpg 1996



L. Bird
7 min. Beta ©1994
This back and forth conversation between a woman and ceder waxwing is set in rural Saskatchewan. The little bird tells the woman all the juicy gossip that her neighbours are saying in town about her while the woman defends herself. This video explorers fitting into a rural Mennonite community when you are an outsider.

Winnipeg Folk Festival, Winnipeg, 2005
SNAC, MB, 2003
Entry Points: Video In Informative Culture,
Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK 1994

Watch L. Bird video on Vimeo


Red Riding Hood
6 min. Beta ©1994
This version of the classic tale is explored through the internal narrative of Red Riding Hood herself. She is consumed with anxiety about her personal life and her surrounding environment. In this age of change, running anxiety is a normal reaction to our word. Visually playful, the main character changes from finger puppet to paper cutout to human actor, while her inner self remains constant.
This video was in-camera edited on a Hi-8 handicam.

Video Vérité, Saskatoon, SK 1994




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